Since their launch in 2020, the POST ESPORTS MASTERS have witnessed numerous incredible scenarios, where players have often defied all predictions! PEM is known for its unpredictable outcomes, to the extent that it has become rare for a favorite to lift the trophy at the end of the season! Let’s revisit the 5 biggest surprises of the past four years.

5. Sentient Esports Upsets the Ranking (Rocket League – 2023)

Ranked 7th overall in Rocket League in 2022, Sentient Esports wasn’t a top contender for 2023, especially with the return of Dunno Chief (champions in 2021) and the arrival of the formidable YuhYuhYuh team.

However, a savvy recruitment during the offseason, including the arrival of the double MVP Luxembourgish player Loris Raptor, changed the game! Solid and consistent throughout the season, Sentient defeated all major teams except the giant Rift Sloths, finishing 2nd in the regular season. They even managed to eliminate Minkz, the runner-ups, from the previous finals! In the end, Sentient couldn’t convert this into a victory in the finals, but their journey remains commendable.

4. Pitou One Game Away from Perfection (Clash Royale – 2022)

In 2022, Pitou entered the Clash Royale championship as a virtually unknown player. The French player quickly made a name for himself during the season, reaching the top 4, a synonym for the finals. On stage, he defeated Xene in the winner’s semi-final, then faced the defending champion BlackPearl in the winner’s final. Largely considered an underdog, Pitou completely turned the tables and sent the champion to the loser’s bracket! 

Unfortunately, the player from Rift Sloths would then lose in the grand final to Thaddeus, who had an even more astonishing journey. We’ll talk about that later!

3. Abdoubrown Creates an Upset Before His Fans (FIFA22 – 2022)

A seasoned FIFA player, Abdoubrown managed to qualify for every FIFA season of the POST Esports Masters but never quite entered the circle of favorites. His journey, however, was a steady progression: from 10th place in 2020 to 5th place in 2021, and finally, a remarkable 3rd place in the regular season of 2022, earning him a spot in the PEM finals for the first time. Ranked 3rd, Abdoubrown had to achieve two consecutive upsets to claim the ultimate title, beating two opponents ranked higher than him. He started his journey perfectly by dominating LouisLux in the semi-final, a sweet revenge as LouisLux had eliminated him in 2021. In the final, he faced the arch-favorite of the competition: the Belgian Shadoow, who came from two final defeats in 2020 and 2021, making 2022 the year of anticipated consecration for him! 

However, if Abdoubrown is in this ranking, it’s because things didn’t go as expected! Driven by the fifteen fans of Team Kaio who voiced their support in the audience, Abdoubrown literally left no chance for Shadoow! The final was completely one-sided, Abdoubrown won his duel and walked away with the title, creating a general surprise!

2. Thaddeus, from Precipice to Triumph (Clash Royale – 2022)

Let’s turn to the Clash Royale 2022 finals, where Thaddeus stole the spotlight from Pitou. And what a way to do it! However, the German’s journey started poorly. In the first round of the finals, Thaddeus lost to the defending champion BlackPearl. He fell to the loser’s bracket against Xene. After a very close duel, he emerged victorious and could take revenge on BlackPearl in the next round. He didn’t miss the opportunity and sent the reigning champion packing! 

Heading to the grand final against Pitou, the challenge was enormous coming from the loser’s bracket, Thaddeus had to win the final twice (he had to perform a “bracket reset”). And that’s what he managed to do. After an exceptional final against Pitou, the Royal Family player defied all predictions and clinched the title!

1. BORTL vs Outplay or David against Goliath (League of Legends – 2020)

The top spot should not surprise those who were already with us during season 1, as Brotherhood of the Red Lions left an indelible mark during the League of Legends finals in 2020! At that time, the championship was clearly dominated by Outplay Esports, who reached the finals as massive favorites. After several weeks of competition, Outplay remained undefeated, and no one seemed capable of even taking a single game, not even BOTRL (Brotherhood of the Red Lion), who was 2nd in the overall standings. 

The grand final eventually took place between Outplay and BOTRL. In the venue and on Twitch chat, almost all spectators predicted a clear 3-0 for Outplay. However, the first game didn’t go as planned, and BOTRL took the lead 1-0! We thought that David had taken advantage of a temporarily overconfident Goliath and that the situation would be corrected in a few minutes. But it was quite the opposite! BOTRL made the break: 2-0! The yellow and blue giant was on the brink… BOTRL gave no chance to their opponents and concluded these finals with an incredible score of 3-0! Rakusi and his crew can exult; they have just achieved an exceptional feat!